Wasp Nest 3 Pack

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WoodHaven’s Wasp Nest 3 Pack is a series of WoodHaven’s three wasp type diaphragm turkey calls, each with a v-cut.  These calls are perfect for cutting, raspy yelping, as well as early morning throaty nasal sounds.  Each call is handmade and hand stretched with different thicknesses of latex and proph to produce three different turkey sounds.  The Wasp Nest 3 Pack includes the Wasp, Red Wasp, and the Black Wasp.  These WoodHaven diaphragm calls are three of our all-time best sellers.

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2 reviews for Wasp Nest 3 Pack

  1. Jason

    I had issues with these mouth calls originally. They sound great, just wouldn’t hold up for longer than a couple days, so I left a poor review. These guys reached out to me, explained that they were having quality issues, and sent me out a replacement pack of calls immediately to make things right. A bird went down 1st day once again thanks to these calls. 2nd of year already, after a successful youth hunt. Stand up move Woodhaven, I won’t forget it. Keep it up & we’ll keep hammering birds over your calls

  2. Mark Traister

    Theses 3 Wasp are all Gobbler getters each has a little different sound that Gobblers have to checkout! To God Be the Glory!

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