Carbon Crystal

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WoodHaven Pot Turkey Calls have been leaders in sound quality for over a decade. The Carbon Crystal by WoodHaven is made of American walnut with a pure-crystal calling surface and a carbon-fiber resonator for a more authentic hen sound. Carbon-fiber resonator isn’t damaged from temperature or moisture. The Carbon Crystal comes with three strikers – laminated flare-tip, hardwood, and cutt and cackle – conditioning stone, and surface-saver lid.

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Weight 0.7 oz
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 4 in

3 reviews for Carbon Crystal

  1. Glenn Rowe

    The vocal range of this has to be heard to be believed. The carbon soundboard really gives the call a natural old hen tone that is truly unique.

  2. Ben chamberlain

    Tone quality out this call is amazing. It has that old HEN sound that you love to hear. The call speaks for itself. Mike nailed it on this one. Awesome call!!!

  3. Brendan Barthi

    Wow …. Dude is Part old hen whoever made this call…

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